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It’s been a second! My previous couple posts were dedicated to some much needed vacation time, one being on Seattle and the other dedicated to Bend. Since then, I have had necessary family time (my brother graduated from college at Pacific Lutheran University, was commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army, traveled to Bellingham for a wedding, and biked a little bit here and there with my brother and with a couple of Bozeman friends that recently moved to Washington! Oh…and some work here and there.

In between the joyful times have been some tough times. It has still been a huge transition and change of pace since moving to the city (as I have said before). I have had a lot of ups and downs, disappointments, but also many good and necessary changes. Throughout all of it, I have found out who my support system is.

Growing up, my parents always taught us to find a strong support system – those that will feed into our lives with our best interests in mind, but those who are not afraid to tell us the tough things that we need to hear. This became even more apparent once our pastor at Fresh Life spoke on this truth.

I was once told that some of the toughest life changes and biggest stressors you can go through in your life include: the death of a loved one, moving (houses within the same city or to a completely new city), a job change (starting a job or losing a job), and the start or end of a relationship (marriage or dating). Within each of these stressors are fears of uncertainty, disappointment, anxiety, but also joy, relief, peace, and excitement. I have found that it is all how you look at it…and who has your back.

When I first moved, my Dad, Mom, and sister promised me that if anything went wrong, they would be there ready to dig me out of any issue that arises. Let’s be honest…that was mostly for any financial dilemma that occurs. Or so I thought. I forgot that they have also got my back with prayers and are always ready to listen when I am struggling or ready to give up. I am thankful for the others that have also been there more recently: my brother Adam, best friend Sarah, Ryan, and my grandparents. I have found my support system. Those who share my faith, pray regularly, encourage me, and remind me that I am in God’s will.

I have also been encouraged by acquaintances within the city. There are many transplants within Seattle…one that I met a few days ago said that it took him six months to feel like he had a place in the city. SIX MONTHS. I am not entirely excited after hearing that…but it takes time. Patience. Faith.

I don’t know where you are at in your life. You may be in a season right now that you are struggling, or maybe you are in a season filled with joy! Wherever you are, we all have those low days that sneak up faster than we would like. When that day arrives, make sure you have someone to talk to who once again, has your best interests at heart and is willing to listen (quietly) to your fears and frustrations.

grace, grace



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