intentional living.


How are you doing? Oof. I am SO sorry for not posting anything last week. It was a bit of a rough one. You know how everyone and their dog are getting sick? Well, I caught onto the sickness too. I never, ever miss work. I missed a couple full days of work this week. This sickness started a couple of days after New Years and continued to get worse and worse. My boss told me to go to urgent care on Wednesday and after being stubborn for a short while, I finally went. I found out that I was on the mend from Bronchitis, was prescribed some antibiotics…and SURPRISE, I am feeling a million times better on this Sunday morning. So, I am back with a new post for the start of your week and a new month!

THANK YOU for continuing to humor my thoughts, every week…liking, commenting, and reading my posts. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. I want to thank my sister ( and another friend (I will be sure to share his website, once he begins the blogging process!), who have both approached me about starting a blog and any advice I have. I did not realize that my writing would have such an impact! But I hope that I can continue inspiring you through both the highs and the lows that come into my life. I also want to encourage you to start writing if you feel the calling. It is a little scary to get vulnerable online, where anyone can read anything you write, but it has helped me truly find my voice.

Today, I want to discuss being intentional. My sister recently wrote a post on goals for 2017, one listed was to be more intentional. Being intentional means having a purpose or a goal behind something you are doing. I began to wrack my mind last week, thinking about different parts of my life that I want to try to be more intentional in. I wrote down times throughout my day when I had unknowingly created a purpose behind what I was doing.

Waking up in the morning. 
Spending time with friends and family.
Quiet times.

  1. [Waking up each morning]
    How do I start my day? In recent weeks I have been trying to get out of bed between 7-7:30am. I made enough coffee for Sarah and me to consume AT LEAST 3 cups that morning. I wash my face or shower (the ONLY way to wake up, other than coffee). Make breakfast. Sit down to either catch up on my reading or listen to a sermon from Fresh Life or Zoe LA. I also want to start my day by being punctual. If you know me, you know I tend to be late…never early. I am striving to arrive on time for coffee dates, breakfast dates, church, and arriving at work 10 minutes early rather than 2 minutes early. To finish off my moring, I want to have a smile on my face starting when I wake up at 7am and finishing when I go to bed at night, regardless of the hiccups that interrupt my day.
  2. [Time spent with friends and family]
    I have had multiple opportunities in the last month or so to catch up with close friends and my family. I have had three friends from Colorado visit me, both my brother and sister in town, and multiple coffee, beer, and breakfast dates with my parents and closest friends. This is when my full goal of being intentional comes out! I have silently made a promise to myself to flip my phone over, put it in my purse, or leave it in my car, when spending time with people. Think about it: when we make it a priority to spend time with a friend or family member, you have made that decision for YOURSELF. This means that you intentionally meant to text or call the person you’re spending time with. At that moment, no one else should matter! Put your phone away, put work emails and texts on hold, let social media do its thing, and focus on that individual that you are spending time with.
    Since doing this, I have created a good habit and now almost forget about my phone when I am intentionally spending time with people. I will be the first to say that I can be a phone-addict. It is easy to spend to seconds glancing at something on your phone, while with someone, but is it worth it? No. People can be patient and wait for you to text or call them back.
  3. [Quiet times]
    I am trying to be intentional with my quiet times. I would define a quiet time as any point in the day when you have a break. We all need to take the time to relax and breathe. This can be done in so many ways! When I am not working at night, I have been watching Harry Potter (nerd) and loving every moment spend with Harry, Ron, and Hermione! I fill my morning free time with a devotion or book, with a cup of coffee. How do you fill your quiet space? Taking a nap? Reading? Catching up on tv episodes? Going to the gym? Listening to music? Walking your dog? All of these are ways to fill your time and fully relax. Be intentional with the quiet hours in your day.
  4. [Work]
    It is required that all of us are intentional with work by being fully invested, giving 110%, and not letting our personal life get in the way. Be professional. Dress to impress. Put the customer first. Help your coworkers out. Do not be lazy. I have found that working in the service industry requires me to work on all of these tasks. Serving requires that I am there helping the customer, the minute that they walk through the door. I have menus, waters, and coasters ready for them when they sit at the table. I am there when they are ready to order, when their beer runs out, and when they want to close out and go home. While serving the customer, I want to be as intentional as possible with helping my other coworkers out. I am not always busy at work, but another coworker may be stuck in the weeds and need helping running food, beers, or menus. I want to challenge you (as much as I am challenging myself) to be intentional at work. Complete everything to the best of your ability. Take an interest in your customers. Make them feel welcome. And be friendly.
    I used to help manage a ski shop. I had a few employees under me and I always appreciated when they were INTENTIONAL at work. I loved watching employees take pride in their job, socialize with customers, and sell articles of clothing or gear that they were passionate about. I also loved my relationship with employees and that they respected me and listened to me. Even if I was their “friend”, I still felt that they respected me and my position at the shop. I want to encourage managers out there: BE INTENTIONAL with your employees. If they are having a bad day, reach out to them. Compliment your employees-compliments go a long way. Rather than reprimanding or yelling at your employees for a mistake, teach and instruct them. I find now, working under managers at my current jobs, that when I am encouraged and instructed, I am much more apt to complete a job more efficiently and with a better attitude. It’s our human nature to desire kindness and words of encouragement from our superiors.

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading. I have also been religiously listening to In The Valley Below’s album, The Belt. Go give it a listen and enjoy!

Talk to you soon.

grace, grace.




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