grace, grace

Cheers to the first post in 2017! I hope you all had a great new year’s eve celebration and that your first week has started off with a bang!

I have been sick for the past few days. Last week’s amount of work has caught up to me…early mornings, long days, late nights, puppy sitting, etc. Sooner or later, it all hits you like a freight train and you’re on the couch, watching new episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, changing your Instagram profile photo at least once a day, and drinking copious amounts of throat-coat tea. It has not been a bad last couple of days I must admit, but I’m tired of not doing anything and being cooped up in our little blue house.

I have had some time to think, 10 seconds here and there (“episode 4 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will start in 10 seconds”). Most of my thoughts have focused on when I should go out next to get more ginger kombucha, if I should go to work in the next couple of hours, if I am actually hungry or just bored, and what I should write next for my blog. My first initial blog post was called uninspired. I had NO idea what to write about…my mind was mush, my thoughts were not going anywhere, and the bitter cold of winter was not an encouragement (other than encouraging me to continue sitting inside trying to figure out how to stay warm, but not have to move out of the butt-indentation on the couch cushion).

The following day, I was going stewing over everything going on in my life and my roommate, Sarah’s life. She and I have a lot going on with school, jobs, moving, bills, relationships, and struggles with our faith. Our goal each day is to put a smile on the face of anyone we come into contact with, but sometimes it is hard to paint on a smile while internally we are struggling with the worries of the world. However, I am so happy and blessed to be able to share these trials with Sarah. We are both able to encourage each other through long conversations, sitting on the kitchen counter, drinking tea.

Within the past week, both Sarah and I have used the phrase “grace, grace” when praying for requests in our life. Grace can be used as thanksgiving (example: saying grace before a meal), something being blessed in your life, or showing kindness or courtesy towards an individual. Combined, these definitions help explain our use of the phrase “grace, grace”. We pray that God shows us his blessing and courtesy towards our prayers. His answer may be no when we wanted a yes, and vice versa. Regardless of if it is the answer we hoped for, Sarah and I desire for HIS blessing and HIS will, not our own. This original phrase was presented by Pastor Levi and Jennie Lusko in Fresh Life’s sermon, Grace! Grace! (Two Steps To Your Left). Since this sermon, the expression has been used in SO many ways for the church and its future, as well as in the lives of the church body.

Sarah and I are planning to move from the great state of Montana, in May…Sarah back to California, me to the Pacific Northwest. We have discussed this for months and feel the push to move to these areas of the United States. I pray “GRACE, GRACE” on this decision. I pray “GRACE, GRACE” on direction throughout that move. I pray “GRACE, GRACE” on our relationships…friends, family, boyfriends, and the people we meet throughout our transition to a new home. I pray “GRACE, GRACE” for our future careers. I pray “GRACE, GRACE” on the lives of our loved ones. I pray “GRACE, GRACE” for the future of our nation and our new President. I pray “GRACE, GRACE” for the year of 2017.

I hope you find encouragement in this, friends. My sister is starting a similar page, Joy being the theme. Go give it a look! She is very wise and I know for a fact that her posts will challenge me (and you!) to find joy in every single aspect of life, good or bad.

grace, grace.



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