goals vs. resolutions


How was your Christmas? My brother and sister were in town for the holiday (!), we had a black lab puppy running around in the snow for half of the day (not our’s, mind you), played a full and very long game of Phase 10, and consumed some delicious fondue at the end of the day’s festivities. It was a much needed break for all. The holidays can be so stressful, especially when working in the service industry, so a one day break of full-on relaxing was exactly what I needed.

I saw a pretty funny post the other day on Instagram making a pun out of the word resolutions on @9gag. “Q: What’s your new year resolution? A: 3840×2160” and then the caption below said “Crying in 1080p”. Punny, right?! Anyways, it reminded me that the New Year is quickly approaching. This also means resolutions are just around the corner.

I have never written out a list of resolutions. As a family, we never grew up making resolutions for the upcoming year. I have always wanted to have an answer for anyone asking what my new year’s resolutions are, but I never do. My roommate, Sarah, asked me if I had any for 2017 and I did not have an answer. Last year, she made a resolution to train for a half marathon. Over the Thanksgiving break, she ran her first half marathon in Berkeley, California. How cool is that?!

2016 has been an interesting year, to say the least. I made little promises here and there, to myself over the course of the year. One particular promise was to travel more and spend as much time outside as I could. I made it to Kauai in May, spent a brief amount of time in Seattle beforehand, visited Whitefish and Glacier National Park in June, hammocked regularly, mountain biked more times than I can count, and completed a few hikes around Bozeman. I’d say that was a pretty solid summer of traveling and recreating, right? Late summer and fall were tough though. Life got in the way, jobs became crazy, and I did not leave time for myself to take a vacation.

I made a goal in the fall of 2015 to do the King and Queen of the Ridge, at Bridger Bowl in February 2016. My dad and I completed a 5 hour long, up and down hike, up Bridger Bowl’s Ridge. We finished with 13 laps each, took first in the family division, and I took 5th overall in the ladies division. This was not a resolution…but a goal.

Resolution is defined as “the firm decision to do or not to do something” (google.com). Goal is defined as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result” (google.com). I want to create goals for 2017. I can fully respect someone who can create resolutions and follow through, but I have found that goals are better for me. A goal is attainable. It’s something to aim for. I may succeed or I may not.

I like the idea of goals. You can always fail, with a goal. With many of these failures, you always learn something. For example: Sarah and I tried to complete the Whole30 last year. We accomplished 21 days of not eating processed foods, but stopped short because of how expensive our shopping became. Regardless of not reaching our goal, we still learned something about the Whole30. We both realized that we need to save up for the month that we plan to accomplish the Whole30. It is quite expensive to buy non processed foods. Completing the Whole30 would have meant breaking our budget…which is something that we both strive to not do.

Here are my goals for 2017:

  1. Blog more. I made a promise a couple blog posts ago, to write a new post a week. I will try, to the best of my ability, to keep my promise! Blogging has been a stress reliever and a fun way to write out my thoughts. I am SINCERELY thankful to all of you, my readers, that keep up regularly. I hope to be able to reach a bigger audience (any and all advice is welcome). My blog posts are for you, where I allow myself to be vulnerable and let you have a glimpse into how my epoch is going.
  2. Take more time to relax. I spoke of relaxing and taking a break in my post on margin…which has turned out to be difficult to practice what I preach. It is difficult for me to take a break in my daily life to breathe. My mind runs a million miles an hour and is consistently thinking about the next item on my to-do list. I constantly live my life looking at the clock and making sure I have enough time to fit in a chore, a workout, or a meal, before I move onto the next item on my list. That is not the way I want to live in 2017. I want to pause…breath in…breath out…and then keep moving. Slow and steady.
  3. Say no. I say yes all too often. Sometimes I follow through, sometimes I don’t. I say yes because I feel bad saying no…but when my yes falls through, that is worse. I in no way want to be flaky (I’ll admit, sometimes I can be), so I will start saying no to the things I cannot commit to, and yes to the things I can commit to. Saying no will also give me time to relax (see no. 2). It will create more free time for me to breathe and find the much needed margin in my life.
  4. I plan to travel away from Bozeman in the late Spring…I say travel because I may leave forever or I may come back. I have a dream of finding a home in the Pacific Northwest, either in Oregon or Washington. I do not know what I will pursue or where I will live, but I plan on taking one to two months trying to figure it out. I would gladly accept any prayers or numbers of friends that live in the area! My home base will most likely be in Seattle with my sister, until she gets sick of me. Stay tuned for May and June blog posts! This could be a horrible mistake or the best decision I’ve ever made.
  5. I want to bake more. Baking allows me to relax. I love to take the time to bake muffins, pies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, scones, and more! I want to try new recipes with unique ingredients, working to make them better and better!

Alright…that’s enough for one day. Friends, have a fabulous New Year’s Eve and Day! I’m pumped to see how your 2017 goes! Make it a good one…live one day at a time, looking forward to the future that you have.

Also…in your free time, please check out my SISTER’S BLOG! I am SO excited to see where her new blog takes her, called Joy Is.

Catch you next year!


Featured Image: Jonny Durst


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