the reason for the season

‘Twas a few days before Christmas, in the blue house.
Michelle was on the couch, sitting in a white blouse;
Calina was in the kitchen, cooking with care;
In hopes that her potato would not compare.
Michelle was there thinking about her warm bed,
But a wonderful thought soon came to her head.
“I should write a post! A new one for them,
somehow I will create a sort of anthem.
In this holiday, there is a grand reason
For this wonderful and incredible season,
It is what I write and tell them I will…
I look forward to it! It will be such a thrill.”
When working retail, I see the selfishness
Of all of the shoppers, in their blindness.
It makes me very sad, to watch this occur,
To go through this season, in such a blur.
Getting caught up in the world, is the way of life
Unfortunately we really create quite the strife.
Christmas lights & presents, they’re all a distraction.
Little do we realize they’re only just a fraction,
Of the true and marvelous reason,
For this amazing and beautiful season.
Christ in heaven, sent His only Son
For all to understand, that he is the One.
The Little One was born, in a stable at night,
After turned away, for the hotel was too tight.
The shepherds were sleeping, in their fields of green
When suddenly the angels came and sang as a team!
They told the shepherds to come celebrate the birth,
Of the One and Only, Christ was born to the Earth.
Then came the wise men, from the lands of afar
Following the big, enormous bright star.
They brought with them gifts, for the young Jesus Christ
Each of them quoted at very high price.
God sent his own Son, to forgive us of sins
This is why we celebrate where this story begins.
May you all remember, this incredible story
See the verses below, in all of their glory.
Have a Merry Christmas this weekend, I wish it to all
Celebrate with your family, please have quite the ball!

Merry Christmas! Please check out the Luke 2:1-20 to read the story of the birth of Christ. Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends! If anyone is in Bozeman, looking for a Christmas Eve church service, I will be attending the 6pm Fresh Life service at the Emerson on Saturday, December 24th. I would love to save anyone a seat next to me.
Love, Michelle


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