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Hope you are all enjoying your week! It’s been a chilly one here in Bozeman. Today, temperatures are in the single digits, looking like a high of 8 degrees! But it’s nice to have some snow on the ground, filling the town with holiday cheer. Last night I made some DELICIOUS soup (recipe will be in a future blog post). It’s definitely soup season (basically until it’s 50 degrees or above, in my personal opinion).

So, last week I wrote to you about reading and the benefits of curling up with a good book. Have any of you been reading anything new and exciting this week? I am about half way through The Girl on the Train and it is getting intense! I am looking forward to seeing where the characters will go through the last remaining half.

In the past couple of weeks, I have been weighing the pros and cons to a lot of big life changes that could happen sooner than later. I’ve prayed a lot, sought out the advice of friends and my grandparents, listened to different Fresh Life Church sermons, and had phone, car, and coffee conversations with my sister. However, some of the most relevant and best advice I have received is from my parents. I am SO thankful for my dad and mom. Anyone else want to give a shout out to the two people that raised you from birth to however old you are? The ones who put up with the terrible twos, our high energy grade school years, awkward as heck middle school years, crazy teenage attitude years, rebellious high school and college years, and are STILL loving us into our adult years? Sheesh…parents are saints.

photo: Carolyn Potts

Being the oldest daughter of three kids, I know I put my parents through hell. I liked to test the waters in many different ways. I was always the bully between the three siblings, probably had the worst anger issues, and screamed and yelled the loudest. My mom and I had a tough relationship through my teenage years (I’m sure my family could tell you many stories about our arguments), my dad and I did not always see eye to eye on things, and I’m fairly positive my siblings hated me at least a few times. I was also the first one to have a boyfriend, which my dad WAS NOT pumped on. I was the first to go to a high school dance (side note: Bozeman High School was in the news in 2006 for its “lewd prom dancing”). I was also the first to go to leave home and go to college, as well as come back and live at home after college. The short of it is…I have an amazing set of parents. I know many of you have met them, and I’m sure would agree with me. I also find so much joy in introducing my parents to my friends. They are both still young at heart, thus they can fully relate to my groups of 20 and 30 something friends.

1937141_10154527278099782_5613912663945568433_n.jpgphoto: Carolyn Potts

I’m going to skip over elementary, middle, high school, and college, and jump into my post college/adult years. They have been an enormous asset to me in the past five years. After leaving Colorado after college, I was a wreck. I cried and cried and cried. I selfishly wanted to be back in Colorado, with all of my friends, in a place that was not Bozeman, Montana. Even in my emotional state, my dad still hired me in a secretary-esque position at Potts Drilling, his water well drilling business. I sat in an office chair, ripping out staples from stacks of records from the 1960’s and on, and scanning them into the computer. I soon was offered a job at Round House Ski and Sports Center, quickly accepting it. My dad let me move onto the new and exciting job, leaving him with years of documents to continue to scan in. I soon moved out of my parents house a year and a half later (in that time, they did not charge me rent and fed me every meal free of charge). They helped me move everything into my new house…and have helped me move into three houses since then (within 2 years – how embarrassing).

Now, if that is not enough, my parents have also sucked it up and continued to help me through a couple of emotional job changes, and even hired me back at Potts Drilling as more of a part time secretary. My dad has me do more for him than just scan documents in, and even pays me well. They also have somehow allowed me to constantly come home for dinner, go out to dinner with them, my mom gives me fresh baked goods for breakfast, they tip me well at the Bozeman Taproom, and have fully approved of my boyfriend, Jonny.

unnamed.jpgphoto: Jonny Durst

My dad and mom also support me through their prayers and give me advice that I couldn’t ever receive from anyone else. They are also two of my best friends. It’s funny how they move from being your parents, to being your friend. I enjoy laughing with my parents, sharing secrets from high school and college (that they totally knew…but never told me), drinking beer or fancy cocktails with them, shopping and drinking coffee with my mom, skiing and drinking cheap beer with my dad, and gossiping about the most recent news.

12647353_10153429089022781_7082443024535006550_n.jpgphoto: Your’s truly

Parents are such a crucial part to our lives…they used to and some still support us financially, have raised us, dealt and sometimes still deal with our minute problems, AND they ultimately want the BEST for us. Parents want to see their kids be successful in life. I am so thankful that my parents let me make mistakes and trip every so often, but I appreciate that they are always there to pick me up and make sure I can get back on my feet again.

I am not afraid of the big changes that may come, because I know my family is going to be my biggest group of cheerleaders! How many of you are thankful for your dad and mom?!

Enjoy your Wednesday, friends! Chat with you next week!


title photo: Carolyn Potts



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