“i voted.”

Good Monday morning friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed that extra hour of sleep. I sure did! It’s amazing how much one more hour of sleep really effects your next couple of days…makes me wonder what would happen if we all went to bed one hour earlier each night. Thoughts?

Before hopping into my next blog post, I want to give you a feel of what life is like here in Bozeman, Montana at the moment. We have had a VERY mild Fall so far. It is probably the longest Fall I have experienced in my life. Days have been in the upper 50s/lower 60s. Very chilly mornings (my morning bike ride was quite cold), sunny days, and we still have crispy leaves scattering the ground. It’s really quite lovely. Hot coffee is tasting especially good, a delicious scone that my great friend Calina provided, and the current Spotify playlist that I am jamming to is “Welcome Home“, by your’s truly. We are blessed, aren’t we? What an amazing season we are in.

So…friends. THANK YOU so much for reading my most recent blog post “Winter is Coming”. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here. I have never had so many responses on a post. All responses were positive and from friends and family that seem to be going through the same thing as me. I did not realize how many people are experiencing life in a similar way, regardless of their age. I had people call, text, email, and let me know in person, that they are either in a funk themselves or are feeling “stuck” in their current season. I want to let you know that this is why I blog. I want to be vulnerable in my writing, which is where I have been able to find my voice. I hope what I wrote helped each of you, in your own way or will help you when you are struggling one day. Please keep sharing with me. It is inspiring.

I had a brief but good conversation with my roommate and best friend, Sarah, this morning about blogging and my direction with this blog. I want to make a promise to you, my amazing readers, that I will make a new post once a week. I love writing to you. I struggle with talking about my feelings (as PLENTY of you know), sharing my thoughts on important matters, being vulnerable, and confrontation most of all. Writing helps. So I appreciate you putting up with me, and hope you will continue reading each week.


As many of you know…tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th, is election day. Once every four years, we have the opportunity to go out and vote for our country’s next President (along with other important government officials, of course). I have found this election to be particularly challenging. First of all, the idea of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton has been a huge challenge. There have been so many ups and downs with both candidates. Some saying that they are voting for the “lesser of two evils”. My biggest challenge though has been considering what my future will look like and those of us that are in the group known as the “Millennials.” We are in an age group that are starting our careers that could last for the next 40-50 years. Some of us are getting married and having kids, that will be heavily effected by our choices in this election. Others are still in school for the next couple years or are trying to pay of student loans. What will our wages look like? How will health care be affected? Where will student loans or the cost of education go? What will happen to our military? How will women be affected by this election? These questions are just a small, minute part of our decision in who we are voting for, but are significant questions I have asked myself. Before voting, please research the topics that are significant to you…and vote for who you believe and hope will make the best calls on these issues.

I am so thankful our government is a representative democracy (defined as a system of government where citizens vote for a group of leaders or representatives to pass laws for them). A representative democracy promises equality in voting, effective participation, enlightened understanding, citizens controlling the agenda, and inclusion of all citizens being able to vote and help make decisions (see this link for more information). We have a system of checks and balances with our executive, legislative, and judicial branches. There is not one, single person making the decisions for us…we have representatives checking the decisions of the other branches and we have the opportunity to vote on important topics. Now I am sure that a lot of you have seen “House of Cards” and will claim that there are things we do not know about our government, secrets that are not shared, and the media not sharing the whole truth…but, we cannot worry about that. What we can do is vote. Even though we may feel very small as one, individual person, but it is our right and our privilege to get out and vote. Every single vote counts. We are a FREE people in the United States of America and have so many opportunities that many others do not. How incredible is that? Our voice matters.

As a believer in Christ, I also believe that the people that are elected are only human. Humans make mistakes. No one is perfect. I am so excited that I have a King in Heaven that I can put all my hope in and know that whomever is elected, HE IS STILL KING. I also need to remind myself that I do not have to agree with everything our leaders say or do, but I must respect the individuals who are placed in office.

So tomorrow, get out and vote, no matter what your thoughts are on the election and those whom are running for office. We have been blessed with the freedom to vote for our leaders, so do your part.

Thanks for reading! You guys rock and are the reason that I continue writing.



#ivoted #getoutandvote #yourvotematters #electionday


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