“my cup of coffee”

Happy Easter, friends!

What a beautiful Sunday! Rather than skiing (like I was planning), I decided to head over to Zocalo Coffee House with Sarah (who you can read about in my previous blog post called “this looks like shit”) and continue my blogging “career”. I know I said I wasn’t going to write super long posts. This one is a long one…but I’m pretty passionate about the following subject.

I walked into Zocalo not knowing what I was going to write. Prior to my blogging “career”, I read a lot of “how to blog” websites and they told me to make sure I have a plan before writing. Let me tell you…my past two blog posts have happened on a complete whim, as is this one. Regardless, I sat at the table sipping my dirty chai, considering what to write and it finally hit me. It was right in front of me. Coffee shops!

Despite what some of you may think, coffee shops are important to everyone on more levels than just caffeinating yourself for the day ahead. There’s an atmosphere of peace, with the sweet aroma of coffee and the quiet conversation of homework doers or book clubbers or the solo acts trying to get something done. Coffee shops are “the hip place to hang out” (definition by your’s truly). Before I go any further, I’ll define “hip”…so you can also smell what I’m stepping in. Naturally, I went to urban dictionary to help me define this word that is thrown around so often. The urban dictionary authors define hip as “cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is ‘it’, beyond all trends and conventional coolness”. Please tell me you agree with this definition, because I think it is perfect!

Before I dive any deeper into my coffee shop opinions and why it’s important in the five year plan, let me paint a picture of my current setting. Before plugging myself into a Spotify playlist, I was listening to the Michael Jackson Pandora station provided by Zocalo, overhead lights flickering whenever someone turned on the restroom light, drinking a dirty chai (now long gone), surrounded by TWELVE people with MacBook laptops (counting myself, because Sarah let me borrow hers…she’s the best!).

Everyone goes to a coffee shop for a reason:
1. Daily caffeine fix
2. Catching up with a friend
3. A date
4. To find a date (thanks college for putting this ridiculous idea in my head-it never worked out)
5. Book clubs
6. Complete homework
7. Study group
8. Read a book
9. Write a blog post
I’m sure I forgot many other reasons, but these are most definitely reasons I’ve frequented coffee shops…all included, embarrassingly.

I spent a lot of time in coffee shops as a college student. But get this…I just started liking coffee last summer. Obviously I never went to coffee shops for the coffee. I’d get tea, or a donut, or just sit there with a  glass of water and do homework utilizing the free Wifi. I went there because of the “hip” atmosphere. It was an attractive place. I always found myself getting less distracted sitting at Margie’s or The Blue Mug, in Greeley, Colorado. Unlike studying at home, I couldn’t have multiple screens set up, one with my homework on it and the other (TV or iPad) with The Office playing nonstop. SIDE NOTE: I’ve also been getting distracted by House of Cards, thanks to Leah (comment from “my epoch” post) and many other friends. Anyways, I could also close myself off to the world by plugging into a carefully filtered Pandora station (now I’ve moved onto bigger and better things in the Spotify world). Coffee shops were also great places to meet up with a friend to catch up on life. The idea of leaving my house early in the morning to have someone else make coffee for me and chat with someone I genuinely cared about, was so exciting! And it still is! Oh, and let’s be honest…coffee tastes much better from a coffee shop.

Post college life, I still meet up with Sarah and another close friend of ours every Wednesday morning at 6:45 for a book club (insert nerdy glasses emoji…y’all know which one that is) and chat about life (more than about the book) and drink a fresh cup of coffee. Throughout the day, I like to every so often get a coffee in the afternoon. It’s the best afternoon pick-me-up, for that 2:00pm hour that always gets the best of us. And now in the evening, coffee shops (like Zocalo), have started serving beer until close! Such a better place to go to than the bar. First of all, the atmosphere is much quieter and down to earth and second, it gets you to bed on time (for all of you old people out there like me).

So…five year plan/my moral of the story: coffee shops are awesome. Honestly, you didn’t need me to tell you that. Everyone knows that. But for those of you that don’t like coffee shops (I know a few of you), try it out again. Give it a shot (no pun intended). They’re not that bad, especially when you can have a delicious microbrew in the afternoon! Also, this is my way of telling you to try out Zocalo in Bozeman. Definitely a go-to locations if you live in Bozeman or plan to visit (friends in Colorado!). I recommend a dirty chai or americano.

Thanks again for humoring my thoughts. I promise I’ll write a post one of these days that will actually be informative and give you something to think (at least you now know the real definition of “hip”).




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