“this looks like shit”

Hello friends and family!

As you can see, I have swapped over blogging sites. I find WordPress to actually be super easy to use…and my site looks much better, right? But I’d like to give 100% of the swap over credit to my graphic designer roommate, Sarah…which is a bit of a story.

Before I share my “swapping over” story, let me tell you a bit about Miss Tuma:

We have been roommates for almost two years (and we lit-rally just found out we are each other’s longest roommates!). She is studying graphic design at Montana State University, and is quite talented! When she isn’t slammed with school or three jobs, we do almost everything together. These millions of activities include skiing, biking, running 10k’s, hiking, tandem biking, drinking good beer, making dinner, drinking coffee, reading books, adventuring in Whitefish, and too many others. We also share a closet (and once shared a room for four months – that’s another story for another time), share clothes and shoes, own three of the exact same backpacks in different colors, and have been asked by multiple people if we are sisters.

Now, story time! So, Sarah and I had just gotten back from barre class, on a lovely snowy Tuesday evening, and she asked to see my blog. I gave her the website of my blog. She whipped out her NEW MacBook Air (much smaller and sleeker than Toshi the Toshiba), typed in the address, and said…”this looks like shit.” That may sound harsh, but I swear Sarah said it all in love!..I think. After considering the criticism, my reply was to reluctantly allow her to redo my blog. Sarah first explained why WordPress was better, showing me multiple examples of some beautiful blogs. Once we agreed on this particular site, she went through EVERY SINGLE free template and found me the perfect one! As I made us dinner (obviously repaying her for her assistance), Sarah redid all of the links, the design, the photos, and almost created an absolutely ridiculous password for me to get onto the website (I caught her before that happened). Despite all of the criticism, she introduced me to the wonderful world of WordPress. Thank goodness! She was even my first follower!

So does this have anything to do with my five year plan idea? Maybe a little. I sincerely hope that Sarah is in my five year plan as my closest friend that feels 100% okay with criticizing me for horrible looking blog pages. Everyone needs one of those people in their life…someone who isn’t passive and isn’t afraid to be honest. Let me tell you, I think Sarah sometimes knows me better than I know myself. And she isn’t afraid to tell me I need to suck it up or stop complaining. Ultimately, she is encouraging me to be the best I can be. She only wants success. FIND SOMEONE LIKE THAT! And be that person for someone else! Also, make sure you adventure with them!

As the great Meredith Gray says, “Christina, you are my person.” And we all know that Christina Yang and Meredith Gray had an incredible friendship that lasted for years and years of very dramatic Gray’s Anatomy episodes.

Whelp, sappiness and horrible television show quotes need to end. I’m sure you will hear more about Sarah in my future posts. Thanks for reading and following! I sure appreciate y’all.

d5fd057e-d22e-4406-b696-67f21ef568b9If you want to follow Sarah, head over to the link below. She has a fantastic bread blog!




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