my epoch

Hello readers!

I sincerely appreciate you reading my very first blog post!…and I sure hope you subscribe at the very end. This will probably be the most selfish of all of my posts. As recommended by the websites educating me on blogging, my first post will be about me. goes!

As a forewarning, I write how I speak. It’s my paper writing weakness. Just ask my mom, the proofreader of ALL my many papers from the very first day of grade school to the very last day of college. But, lucky for me, she won’t be proofreading my blog posts!

Anywho, I will paint you a picture of my current setting. I am sitting in my apartment at 10:00 at night, writing to you from an eight year old Toshiba laptop (named Toshi…real creative) in my pjs, in a dimly lit living room, drinking yesterday’s open La Croix, and watching Pirates of the Caribbean (mainly because it’s the only good movie on Netflix – if y’all have any other good watches, please comment below). This present situation is a good representation of my life. Old technology/product that I don’t feel like replacing if it’s in workable-ish condition (however, I did recently upgrade to the iPhone 6!), living in leggings, eating leftovers or whatever is readily available in the refrigerator, and watching Netflix (I like background noise and distractions).

Other than that, my life is filled with a great full-time ski shop job, that will soon end in order to pick up a new job within my college degree (!), skiing when I get the chance, morning runs, tandeming when it’s above 50 degrees, mountain biking, marathoning The Office and any other entertaining television sitcom, drinking good beer or coffee or tea, and now blogging.

Why do I want to blog…great question fellow readers! I want to write my thoughts down. I have a lot of them. Most of my thoughts come when I’m running or commuting to work, and I have realized that the best way to share them is through a blog. It’s a lot easier to write things down than try to remember them and share them with someone that MIGHT care.

I titled my blog page “this epoch”. An epoch is defined as “a particular time in history or a person’s life”. I believe that mid-20s is an incredibly important time in our lives. It’s a time where my peers/siblings/most of my potential readers and I are trying to figure out where we want to go in life. It’s a time where “the five year plan” could be anything…we could be married with a family, trying to move up the work ladder, or traveling the world! All have their own pros and cons. My goal with “this epoch” is to write down the experiences I have while trying to survive the next 5 years. There’s no telling where it will go or what will happen along the way, but I’m anxious to live it out and share it with my friends and family in the process. Going right along with the serious-ish stuff, my random thoughts will also show up occasionally (probably more often than not).

Please feel free to give me feedback on my posts! I know this was a long post and I swear I won’t make it this long again! If you feel so inclined, let me know what you want me to write about…I don’t mind sharing an opinion or answering a question or two. Again, I really appreciate you reading and following my thoughts.

Cheers, friends!



3 thoughts on “my epoch

  1. Hi hon, this is Dad. I hope it will be OK if I subscribe to your blog because you are incredibly important to me and I really do want to know what is going on in your life and in your mind. It’s kind of unfortunate that life gets so busy that we don’t find the time to just sit down with those that mean the most to us and find out what is going on in their lives. I think we do that to some degree (I know you do it more with Mom) but I/we could always do better. I an not fully sure of how I subscribe to this but will do my best. If I don’t get it right I may have to have you walk me through it.

    I love you very much and am very, very proud of you. The one thing that impresses me so much about you is your faith and your conviction to it. I fully understand how sticking to those convictions can sometimes seem as if they keep you from moving forward in some things but I know and can attest to the fact that God will honor and bless you for them.

    Love you tons,



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